Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What's In a Name?

Lex & Co. - the reason behind the name is simple. Lex is for Alexis, my niece and the absolute love of my life. I honestly do not think I could love her more if she were my own kid. She is amazing, inspiring and insightful - all of this and so much more and she's only ten years old! A few years later we added Xander, my nephew, to the bunch. He is as firey as you would expect a red headed boy to be but he's never met a stranger. In August/September of this year I expect to add two more nieces to the mix - Allison and Megan. I wanted to incorporate all of them into the name not only because I adore them but also because many of the things I make are for them or inspired by them. Plus "company" lends itself to include any future kids who find their way into my life. So there you have it - named for all the beautiful, inspiring heart-melters who bless and enrich my life.

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